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How to Stay Productive During Self-Quarantine? | Working from Home

A lot of people have been struggling staying at home during this pandemic, but not gonna lie that these last 3 months have been my most productive months so far. Let me tell you 10 things that I do to stay productive during this self-quarantine.

1. Make a to-do-list

Write down your plans through out the day. I highly suggest you to start bullet journaling because it really helps me to be more organized.

2. Set your goals

Write down your goals, make them clear and well defined. Track you progress and make a reasonable target.

3. Organize your workspace

Believe it or not but when your workspace is clean and tidy, it motivates you to start working. You can also add some decorations that can inspire you to get started.

4. Learn how to manage your time

Set an alarm if it's necessary. Don't forget to give yourself a break, at least to drink some water. Staying hydrated is really important, it may improve the quality of your work.

5. Listen to your playlist

Do you know that music can keep you productive? I'm not sure why, but it really does. Never underestimate the power of these three things: the stars, the ocean, and music.

6. Priotize

Know your own priority. Do the most important task first, I recommend the one that has a deadline.

7. Stay focused

Try to avoid any kind of distractions, stay away from gadgets and social medias. For example, say no to any game invitations.

8. Have a quick recap of your work

Analyze - Learn - Improve. Compare your current progress with the previous one, are you doing better?

9. Reward yourself

Reward yourself with doing the things you like, you can watch a movie or play games etc.

10. DO IT NOW and make it a habit of yours

Sometimes later becomes never so all you gotta do is to start. You do not just wake up and became the butterfly, growth is a process. Believe in yourself and what you are capable of, trust me hard work will pay off.

watch the full video here

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