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OKASHI is a brand that offers innovative product that uses okara as the main ingredient. The mission of the brand is to turn okara which is the residue of soybean after tofu/soymilk is made into something that is delicious, healthy, and help reduce food waste. The name was developed by combining Okara and Oishi (meaning delicious in Japanese) and hence it can be used in various forms Okashi, O-kashi, Oka-shi. Through upcycling soybean residue into a delicate snack yet nutrious with high fiber that is vegan and gluten-free, OKASHI aims to accelerate the transition of the food industry to a circluar economy and lessen the disposing of food waste into landfills. 

The merchandises that come together with the purchase of this product of OKASHI are including Fridge Magnets, Cooler Box, Gift Card and Tote Bag.

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