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clay o'clay

A clay shop x studio where everyone is invited to learn, get creative and have fun. The name “clay o’clay” is taken from the clay itself. The “o’” or usually known as “oh” is an interjection commonly used to express emotions. The repetition of the word “clay” aims to create a rhyme to make the brand easier to be remembered and recognized.

clay o'clay pictorial
clay o'clay logotype.jpg
clay o'clay logotype + strapline

The logo is a form of an unshaped clay with apostrophe to symbolize the “O’” in “Clay O’Clay”. Colourful colours like pink and green are used to give a sense of excitement. Green is known as a refreshing colour while pink has always been associated with sweetness and pretty little things. The typeface used in the logotype has curvy edges to represent friendliness as we aim to build a loveable community for all clay enthusiasts out there.